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    1. Guys I miss yesterday
      Will I still be paid?

        1. Cashearners are doing really great

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    1. I hail cashearners oo una too much

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  8. Edeh is grateful cashearnerz.com

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  9. Okay pp?⛔?⛔?⛔⛔? ok yeah

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  20. Yeah love you more ❤..from here

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  27. Omo strike is on the corner

  28. Ni bana tsayawa kame kame

  29. Tapiya santa kawai nasanii

  30. These people have the same thing

  31. Nasha Ruwa nakoshiii ba kawai

  32. Wallahi am still here with you

  33. Life is good on cashearnerz

  34. Hope u share with ur freinds to benefit like u

  35. I having fun here as well as earning money

  36. Earn oo
    No waste ur data on rubbish op

  37. Congratulations to me for being on this website

  38. One time registration with just 2 thousand naira

  39. About this wonderful platform

  40. I wish i had known about this website long time ago

  41. So i have accumulated more earnings

  42. U don’t need to worry about any debt u have

  43. Just give them on the 25th of a particular month

  44. Then u will Shock them with transfer ?

  45. And tell them goan and check ur bank ?

  46. Cashearnerz… keep the flag flying

  47. I won’t stop praying for this platform. It has been the best and still being the best till tomorrow.higher we go!

  48. Hello hw can I chat with someone

  49. I’m commenting, but not receiving

  50. One of the coupon vendor just dae insult me, na wa o

  51. It looks like I’m the only one affected here.

  52. uyo is cool with cashearnerz

  53. no news again on cashearnerz?

  54. Okay guy I haven’t seen any interest in the

  55. But since I paid money I won’t let it werst

  56. I haven’t trusted this shit on a 100%

  57. I have no choice but to keep comment here?

  58. Omay can someone tell me wat i earned here

  59. Okay bro I dont evem know way to say since I gat no reply

  60. All I can do now is to comment here

  61. I have been share many sponsored post but I gat nothing

  62. From the way I’m seeing it I might not be able to buy chicken b4 24

  63. Abeg admin borrow me 8k when my CAPZ reach that amount collect am, abeg biko

  64. All this many many comment I don comment yet 1kobo never enter CAPZ, is nor fair na, u for tell me from beginning say na like this the platform be. E no fresh at all.

  65. Any how sha, I go still comment, maybe God go touch una heart to pay later.

  66. Emma all this comment way you comment so your capz increase?

  67. Make I know abeg becos e be like say my account no good

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