🔰 Make sure to fill the correct details on the non referral withdrawal form.

🔰 Minimum CAPZ EARNINGS for withdrawal is ₦12,000 CAPZ POINTS.

🔰 Applying more than once would make you not get paid even if you are qualified.

🔰 Make sure you’ve much people as friends on Facebook to avoid being skipped on payday.

🔰 Don’t apply for withdrawal unless you shared all the sponsored post on your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT on the days they were UPLOADED on the site [ Sharing sponsored post on WhatsApp Don’t Count ].

🔰 ₦12,000 CAPZ POINTS in NIGERIA 🇳🇬 NAIRA is ₦6,000 Only

🔰 Kindly Post your alerts on our FACEBOOK GROUP after receiving payment

🔰 CASHEARNERZ Pays till revenue is exhausted [ We Pay from the most Qualified/ Active Down Till when Revenue Has Been Exhausted ]

🔰 make sure not to skip a day sponsored post so you’ll be paid on payday

🔰 And Lastly If You didn’t share the SPONSORED POST on your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT DAILY you won’t be PAID AT ALL

Form Only Opens On The 25th Of Every Month At 6pm To 8pm