🔰 Make sure to fill the correct details on the non referral withdrawal form.

🔰 Minimum CAPZ EARNINGS for withdrawal is ₦24,000 CAPZ POINTS.

🔰 Applying more than once would make you not get paid even if you are qualified.

🔰 Make sure you’ve much people as friends on Facebook to avoid being skipped on payday.

🔰 Don’t apply for withdrawal unless you shared all the sponsored post on your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT on the days they were UPLOADED on the site [ Sharing sponsored post on WhatsApp Don’t Count ].

🔰 ₦24,000 CAPZ POINTS in NIGERIA 🇳🇬 NAIRA is ₦11,000 Only

🔰 Kindly Post your alerts on our FACEBOOK GROUP after receiving payment

🔰 CASHEARNERZ Pays till revenue is exhausted [ We Pay from the most Qualified/ Active Down Till when Revenue Has Been Exhausted ]

🔰 make sure not to skip a day sponsored post so you’ll be paid on payday

🔰 And Lastly If You didn’t share the SPONSORED POST on your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT DAILY you won’t be PAID AT ALL

Please select a valid form

Form Only Opens On The 25th Of Every Month At 6pm To 8pm